Dear Parents of Ackermann’s Swim Camp,

After camp today on Monday, July 20th, we were informed that two of our counselors had come into contact with COVID-19 positive individuals the previous night at a high school graduation party. The two counselors were immediately sent home and will be tested and isolated for the next two weeks. These two counselors had no close contact with any member of camp, camper or staff. They both wore masks throughout the entire day and maintained proper social distancing guidelines. At no time were either counselor in the pools with the children. A thorough cleaning of camp with medical grade supplies and materials was also done without delay after we were informed of the possible exposure.

We continue to follow the best advice of the CDC and St. Louis County Health Department guidelines. At all times during the camp day, with the exception of when they are eating, drinking, and swimming, all counselors and campers ages nine and older wear a mask, and everyone practices safe social distancing.

Camp will continue as normal unless otherwise notified. As of now, nobody who has been at camp has ever tested positive for COVID-19.

Your children’s comfort and safety has been and continues to be our number one priority. We would not continue to host camp if we did not believe we could keep maintain proper health guidelines while still upholding our standard of instruction and care for the campers.

Beverly A Shoop and Michael A Shoop

Ackermann's Swim Camp COVID-19 NOTICE - 7/20/2020