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Questions may be e-mailed to ASPKirkwood@icloud.com

Updated information on session openings is available on our website: ASPKirkwood.com

We are still under Covid-19 restrictions and can not guarantee what is going to happen with enrollment.

Thanks for your cooperation…Bev Ackermann Shoop & Michael Shoop & Carol Shoop Carlstrom

2022 Camp Rules Due to COVID-19

Due to several new restrictions put in place regarding COVID-19 by the St. Louis County Health Department, we’ve updated a few rules and regulations for camp.

If these rulles change before camp opens this summer we will abide by 2022 new rules

If your children have been at other camps or have traveled to high outbreak areas  with COVID-19, please isolate them from social activities for at least 5 days before sending them to Ackermann's Swim Camp

Parents and family are not allowed inside camp during business hours. We are hoping

to have a visiting day this year! It all depends on Covid 19 protocol. If not it will be a normal camp day.

Drop Off: Parents must stay in their car and drop off their children at the curb. We will be doing a quick daily health screening of each child at drop off. Taking their temperature and asking how they feel. we will repeat this process later in the day also. If your child does not feel good for any reason, please have them stay home.

Mask: Optional

Locker Room: We will not be using the locker rooms as normal. Only the bathrooms inside the locker rooms will be in use. This means no changing clothes or swimsuits at camp. Please have your child come to camp wearing a swimsuit that they’ll wear all day. Pack 2 towels as usual along with their lunch and warm coverups if cool weather.

Sunscreen: In order to maintain social distancing will not be able to physically apply sunscreen to any camper, but we will supervise them when they reapplied after swimming.

Drinking Water: Our drinking fountains will not be in use to avoid any cross contamination only if the County Health Department allowes. We recommend packing extra drinks or water bottles in their lunches.

Special Precautions: During Play, Swim and Lunch time children will be separated into small groups at all times with social distancing. Limited number of toys will be in use and all play equipment will be sanitized between groups.

Problems making it to the bathroom or wiping themselfs.

If prone to bathroom accidents, send a second swimsuit daily. Please try to teach them to wipe themselves. Feces in the pools will shut the pool down for the day.

After Camp all things touched by children will be sanitized again for the next day. This includes all play equipment, toys, dressing rooms, walkways, etc.


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