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2021 Ackermann’s Camp Questions


Help it’s the first day- what exactly happens?

     Children will be greeted at their cars. There will be counselors to check-in your camper(s). Taking temperatures and sanitizing their hands and collecting release papers. Their “Yelow Conformation Card Will Be Attached” to their basket that they will use the whole session to keep their belongings in. If your child has any information that the counselors need to be alerted about (allergies, special needs, etc.), please send a note with details. Staff will direct your Children on where to go and what to do.

My child can't read their name, how will they know it’s their basket?

     Please mark your child’s card with special stickers or a picture of them to help them identify their basket. Also mark towles, lunch & snack with their full name.This will help keep their belongings together & prevent them from going home with other campers.

Parking - No parking needed. Just get in line facing Manchester

Road. Please do not enter Curran Ave. from Manchester Road.

SUN SCREEN is not being used because of Covid-19 distancing.

First day only drop off and pick up by last name.

A - F  8:45-9:00    G - M  9:00-9:15    N - Z  9:15-9:30

     First day pick up by last name.

A - F  1:15-1:30    G - M  1:30-1:45    N - Z  1:45-2:00

     At first day pick up you will be told which class their are in and which pick up time for the next day.


Regular drop off and pick up.

Morning drop off   9:10 am until 9:30 am

Pick up 1st swim: 1:20 pm until 1:40 pm

Pick up 2nd swim:1:45 pm until 2:00 pm

     My child is going home with somebody different than myself.

Please send a note with your camper to give to the staff. Also, please make sure your child knows who they are going home with that afternoon to avoid any confusion.

Lunch & Allergies

     How long does my child have to eat lunch?

After the first time your child swims, they have an hour break before getting in the pool again.  After they eat, they can use this time to play on the playground.

What should I pack my child to eat?

     Please pack an ice pack in their lunch boxes. We recommend not packing yogurts or make it yourself pizza, because they get everywhere & also can go bad quickly if not on ice.

My child needs to sit on the allergy blanket, where is that located & can their friends sit with them?

     If your child needs to sit on the allergy blanket, as long as their friend or sibling packs a lunch that is safe for your child to be around, they can sit with the camper. The allergy blanket is located under the covered play area. There is always a counselor sitting with the children on the allergy blanket.

What should I send my camper to camp in?

     Send your child in their swimsuit. Send back-up suit for children prone to bathroom accidents. If it is a cool day send send them in something warm over their suite.

Lost & Found.

     Help- my camper lost something at camp what do I do?

Send a note so the teachers can look for it the next day. Counselors leave by 2:20 everyday, so please do not come back to camp looking for something. If there is a full name on the item, it will be put in their basket for them to take home. If there is no name, it will be placed in our lost & found which is spread out every morning at the gate. Your child will pass the lost & found each morning & a counselor will be there to encourage them to check it out.

How do I prevent my camper losing something?

     Put names on EVERYTHING that your child brings to camp! This helps counselors immediately identify a child’s article of clothing, towel, lunches, snacks & makes it possible to get them back to them before they leave camp for the day!

Is there a Visiting Day?  Not this year because of Covid-19 restrictions. We will let you know when we can resume Visiting Day.

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