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Ackermann's Swim Program 2018

A Summer Sports Facility

Teaching children

swimming & water safty

in Kirkwood since 1949

Bev Ackermann Shoop


w/husband DeVere

Michael Shoop




and meet the compliance requirements being enforced by the St. Louis County Health Department

for Virginia Graeme Baker Act.  CPO on staff. Red Cross Certified teaching staff.

Copyright 2010  Ackermann’s Swim Program

ASPKirkwood@icloud.com     1044 Curran Ave., Kirkwood, MO  63122     314-821-1070

Ackermann’s Swim Program is in the back yard of this house

at 1044 Curran Avenue, Kirkwood, MO.

Stay in your car during drop off and pick up time.

Staff will be there to load and un-load children.

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Providing children a non-competitive, safe environment in which to build confidence and self-esteem by teaching the life skill of

swimming and water safety.


We are looking forward to another great summer at Ackermann's Swim Program.

Thank you to all past famlies for sending your children and for your referrels.

Looking forward to seeing your children and their friends again this summer.

Bev, DeVere, Michael, Carol and our wonderful staff.



e-Mail Questions to:  ASPKirkwood@icloud.com

CAMP HOURS: 9:10 to 2:00 pm

1ST DAY PICK-UP:  by last name of driver: A - F  1:15-1:30    G - M  1:30-1:45    N - Z  1:45-2:00

Arrive: (NOT before) 9:10 to 9:30

REGULAR PICK UP:  1st swim after 1:20 to 1:40  •  2nd swim after 1:45 to 2:00

OPEN HOUSE: for new campers will be on Friday, May 18th between 3 & 5

Any session visiting day (the last day of a session between 9:10 & 1:00.

Drop by visiting:  Any day between 10:00 & 1:00 (except 1st day of sessions).

SESSION VISITING DAY:  Last day of 9 &10 day sessions between 9:10 - 1:00 (No Regular Camp).

Children wear their suits & bring a towel only on visiting day. Your children will come and leave with you.

Takes about 20 to 30 minutes.

Please e-mail camp (ASPKirkwood@icloud.com) so that you can be added to contact list. And, add us to your

address book so notices won't go into JUNK mail

To review latest updates for session openings, empty the cash/cookies in your browser.

Add ASPKirkwood@icloud.com to your address book so that you will be able to receive notices.

In case of critical injury, your child will be taken to the closest emergency room or

one recommended by rescuers as the situation warrants.

Level 1    30" deep

Level 2    3' deep

Level 3  

3.5' to 4' deep

Level 4  

4' to 5' deep

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